Registration and Authentication

Google and Facebook Authentication: The applications provide an optional login feature to the users which enables us to use user’s basic info like User’s name, email and photo from his Facebook/Google account. This information is used to store user’s personalizations so that his personal settings can be synced when he logs in again from any device. This information is not provided to any third party for any market research and users can logout from the app to stop sending their personalized data. Users can email us at [email protected] with their email id for which they wants their data to be removed.


User’s current location is used to load nearby WiFi hotspots in FreeWifiConnect app to improve user experience of the app. The location permission is required by the app to work properly and without location the app can not work. It is also being used by a third party for doing market research to which user can opt out. Please visit their privacy policy and terms of service to know more.

Analytics/Crash Reporting

We use Google Analytics to collect information to provide better services to all of our users. We collect information like how you use our app, what features you like most, how often you use the app and what feature in particular. We use this information to improve the app’s user experience. We also use Firebase for crash reporting tool which report to us any crashes/issues user is facing so that we can provide a better solution to the user. User can opt in/out of these anytime he/she wants by going to setting menu of the app.


The free edition of our apps uses Google’s AdMob advertising service. AdMob’s privacy policy is available at Privacy policy. We do not collect any information about you or your app usage. Google may use the advertising ID from the device on which the ad is serving to generate interests and demographics (for example, ‘sports enthusiasts’). Users can opt in for either personalized or non-personalized ads. To know how Google show personalized and non-personalized ads, please visit Google’s use of information.

Wifi Information

The FreeWifiConnect app scans nearby open WiFi using user’s phone and store the WiFi information along with location on our storage. That information is shared to all other users of the app in the same area to make their experience better. We do not store any information which is mapped with any user, the information stored with us contains WiFi Name, mac-address and location. Secured WiFi and their passwords can only be shared by users who are connected to them. If you wants us to remove your WiFi information from the list, please drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll soon provide feature to remove it from the app itself.